Opera Italica has created a collection of wedding gifts starting from the creation of something unique for an unforgettable day. A fundamental aspect is the creation of a product that also conveys an experience that brings back an indelible memory to those who receive this unique gift.

The Collection

The collection dedicated to wedding gifts includes a range of items conceived and designed to be useful and iconic products. All the products in the catalog can be customized with a wide choice of colors and leathers, all strictly first choice.

Custom invitation

An invitation to a wedding can be more than just written communication. The invitation can also be an experience that anticipates the event. For this reason, we have created a customizable box that holds both the invitation and a small gift that will connect to the whole theme of the event.

Personalized invitation

The starting idea is to create something that builds suspense for the event. A starting point is to create a visual and sensorial path that will accompany the guest to immerse themselves in the story of the newlyweds and what they want to tell their guests.

Initials & LIVE SHOW

The personalized impression service is available on all the items in the catalog, to give a unique object. The initials of the guests or short sentences can be printed. We also offer the “live” impression service at your wedding where one of our craftsmen will print what the participants request.

Wedding identity

The graphics of the packaging and products are studied by our designers in order to integrate them with the coordinated images of the wedding. Colors and styles are taken up to create a single “running thread” with the event. The collaboration with the wedding planners in this step is essential to be certain to take care of every detail.