Guestroom sets

The Hospitality section was created to offer a high-level service aimed at all those companies operating in the hotel / naval / restaurant sectors. We have a wide range of catalog sets and on request, we produce completely customized sets, in shapes and materials.

Custom design

Opera Italica provides a complete service based on customer needs. As a first step, the production budgets are established, after which we move on to the design phase where the product mock-ups are made then we go to the realization of a finished sample and finally, the order confirmed by the customer, goes into production.

Leather walls

The division dedicated to leather paneling was created to offer a service for covering walls and rooms with mosaics covered in high-level leather.

Custom design

The customization of the compositions can be almost infinite thanks to the choice of leathers, shapes, padding, and embroideries.

Custom Hanger

The hanger division was created to offer a complete service to meet the demands of a product that is widely used, and therefore subject to high wear, but made with excellent quality and low costs. The personalization of the hangers can be almost total, in terms of shapes, use, and materials.

Plexi Hanger

For the creation of hangers with more contemporary and modern shapes, we use high-end plexiglass. The use of plexiglass allows an even higher customization capacity without compromising the quality aspect.

Wireless revolution

The wireless charging bases allow you to charge your electronic devices at the same speed as a traditional cable, but with the convenience of not having to worry about having multiple chargers with you. These wireless charging bases are widely used in hotel rooms, common areas, and restaurants.

Innovative technology

Our charging bases are equipped with multi-coil chargers that support a wireless charging power of up to 15W. The charging area is very large and can reach 350 x 100 mm. All our models are compatible with the Qi standard i.e. all phones released since the beginning of 2017.

Custom design

We are able to provide any customization options in terms of design and materials. In addition, the technology can also be customized upon request, such as the addition of multiple charging bases on the same product or the implementation of classic USB charging to satisfy all users.