Hospitality OS&E

Hospitality OS&E

The hospitality OS&E division was created to offer an accurate and personalized service for all companies operating in the hospitality industry.

The offer is wide, starting with our designers who carefully and meticulously create custom OS&E to fit the settings of the entire hotel room, from sampling to serial production with a strict quality control.

The section is aimed at all companies operating in hospitality, such as hotels, restaurants, spas, wellness centers, cruise ships, etc.

Bathroom: amenity sets, bathroom bins, trays.
Desk: desk sets & blotters, folders, menus & directories, organizers & holders, remote control sleeves, stationery boxes & folders, tissue boxes.
Door: door signs, menus, newspaper bags & holders.
Mini Bar: coasters, menus, tea-coffee trays & boxes.
Wardrobe: hangers, jewelry trays,  laundry boxes, shoe trays.
Front Office & Conference Room: airport signs, blotters, business card holders, newspaper/magazine/umbrella holders, room cardholders, stationary & check-in boxes/organizers, waste paper bins, water bottle & fruit holders.
Restaurants & Bars: bill folders, coasters, menus, placemats, staff notepads, wine/knives/napkin holders.
Spa: boxes & trays (hairdryer/towel/tissue), organizers, treatments/menu folders, waste paper bins.

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