Hospitality FF&E

Hospitality FF&E

The hospitality FF&E division was created to offer an accurate and personalized service for all companies operating in the hospitality and super-yacht industry.

Using the most sophisticated skills, Opera Italica FF&E division is able to manufacture a wide variety of custom-made high-quality furniture pieces.
Customers can choose from a very wide range of materials that can fulfill any require certification in the hospitality industry, upon request.

Our quality craftsmanship and diligent project management are supported by high installation standards, which are available worldwide.

Over the years, Opera Italica has gained experience working with some of the major hotel groups, cruise lines, and super-yachts.
Some examples of products that can be manufactured include Bespoke indoor/outdoor furniture, Custom dock mats, Leather blinds, Trimming of panels ( ceilings/wall ), Decor cushion Embroidery.

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